Cécile Eau de Parfum is the first scent from To The Fairest. A collaboration between founder Rebecca Rose and creative perfumer Penny Williams, this seductive and multi-layered new fragrance opens with bergamot and mandarin before yielding to warmer notes of rose absolute, amber and clove bud.

‘I wanted to eschew the conventional representation of scent as an olfactory pyramid and explore how it might be represented as a sphere, which draws the senses into its heart. This is how I think of scent when I wear it, rather than a series of sequential notes. To represent this structure, I commissioned artist Vanessa Buchmann to create an illustration which captured the experience of wearing Cécile. Her depiction of citrus fruit, rose petals and clove buds, held inside an azure blue sky with golden rays of sun, perfectly expresses the sensation of this unique scent on warm summer skin’.


Cécile Eau de Parfum is available in a 2ml sample vial and a 50ml bottle; the fragrance is also available in a 90g scented candle, and a satin body oil will be launched later this summer.

To the Fairest
Cécile Perfume & Candle


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